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"Our Large Mason Bee Nursery is handcrafted from Douglas Fir with a cedar roof to provide protection from the elements. Provides multiple chambers for the female bee to lay her eggs for the next generation of pollinating Mason Bees. 
Mason Bees are the answer to our dwindling Honey Bee population. They are 100 times more efficient pollinators than the Honey Bee. Mason Bees are non agressive as there is no queen or hive to protect. Simply hang this house in a south/southeast facing location near your garden or fruit trees. When the bees are active in your area they will find your house to nest.
Purchase several and start an entire Mason Bee Community.
Makes a unique gift for any gardener. Comes with a Mason Bee Information Sheet and instructions.
  Shipping to all 50 U.S. States:
  Click on image to enlarge."

Mason Bee Nursery- Large

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